Military Suffer From Depression. Part 2 of 2

Military Suffer From Depression – Part 2 of 2

Duties of private contractors include military base support and maintenance, logistical supports, transportation, intelligence, communications, construction and security services. “Given the extensive use of contractors in feud areas in recent years, these findings highlight a significant but often overlooked group of people struggling with the after-effects of working in a war zone,” study co-author Molly Dunigan, a political scientist at RAND, said in the telecast release. Among the survey respondents, 61 percent of the contractors were from the United States and 24 percent were from the United Kingdom.


Other respondents were from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and other nations. US contractors had nearly twice the estimate of PTSD and depression as UK contractors, who tended to report better preparation, lower levels of combat exposure and better living conditions than US contractors. Contractors from other countries had even better experiences in these categories than those from the United Kingdom fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling. More resources are needed to remedy contractors at all stages of their deployment, the researchers suggested.

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